by Salt & Silver

Mezcal. What is it exactly? Mezcal is a mexican agave-destillate that has been produced in a traditional way for hundreds of years. Before being used in the process, wild agaves are being grown over the course of several years, in a ground full of minerals and with the help of the burning sun. The hearts of the plants are cooked on hot stones in an oven that has been dug into the ground.

During this process they adapt the smoky flavor from the fire and the flavor from the stones and the ground. Then the cooked hearts will be smashed and placed into a distillery made of clay, oak and copper, where they will be distilled into high quality Mezcal. A process from another century – no industry, no additives, sustainable farming, small production. A real luxury product.

Fairtrade, sustainable, 100% distilled agave without additives.

Exclusive limited edition of 600 bottles.

The bitter note: Like most of the businesses in Mexico, the Mezcal production is controlled by various groups. The licence to use the old name „Mezcal“ will only be given to a couple of states in Mexico. Some powerful groups buy huge parts of the agave harvest and resell it for way higher prices to the distilleries. We don’t want to support that system.

With the help of our friends from Dr. Sours Bitters we met Mezcalero Asunción Matilde, who has been producing high quality Mezcal in a small family-run business for generations.  He exclusively developed a perfect and soft Mezcal for us, made from a wild Espadilla agave plant that grows 5-8 years until it can be harvested. Fairtrade, sustainable, 100% distilled agave without additives. Exclusive limited edition of 600 bottles.

How To

enjoy MZCL®

The best way to enjoy MZCL® is – pure! Drink it from a shotglas with a wide opening. The rule number ONE: never shoot it! In Mexico they say, you don’t drink Mezcal, you kiss it. So here’s what you do:

#1 Before the first sip, dip a finger in the cup and rub a little drop onto the skin of the back of your hand. While the alcohol is vanishing, take a deep breath and smell the flavors of the cooked agave, soil and minerals.

#2 Take a small sip of MZCL® and play it around in your mouth for about ten seconds before swallowing it. You will feel it running down your throat and leading the way to the stomach. While the first sip may be a little strong, it will work like a impregnation to your mouth, preparing the tastebuds for all further sips.

#3 Do the same thing with the second sip, and focus on the taste on your palate, thats where the magic happens! Now you just take sips like little kisses until you’re lost in the universe of true Mexican taste. Enjoy!


100% Agave Espadilla

Sold out!