Salt & Silver

Sometimes you just have to celebrate: yourself, your friends, the mexican national day, the release of a new product. We always find a reason. That´s the reason why we organize different events during the year.

„Butter the Soul“ is an idea that came up on a long night with Dj Tereza. We wanted to combine music and delicious food with an epic location and great people to create a soulful evening that stays in the guests mind for weeks. Worked out pretty good!

„Tacos Tequila Tattoos“ is not only an awesome name for a mexican cookbook, it also contains the three incredientes for a perfect party. So we started to organize some real mexican feasts with a lot of tacos, even more tequila and tattoo artists who can get you some fresh ink while you are waiting for the next beer. Go get some Tacos, Tequila and Tattoos!

As often as possible we are trying to get you try some of our food. Pop up restaurants, showcooking for TV and events, guest cooking at some of our friends restaurants: the cooking universe is big!

Last but not least we tour around Europe to show the people our content: wether it´s a book presentation on the book fair in Frankfurt/Germany or a screening of our documentary „Slow Motion Island“ in Vienna/Austria – we can talk a lot. Feel free to ask us about an event like that.