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After a year of travelling and writing we came back to Hamburg and produced our first cookbook „Travel Surf Cook“. We decided to focus 100% on the Salt & Silver universe and founded the Salt & Silver GmbH for catering and pop-up-restaurants and the Salt & Silver Mediahouse UG for media productions like books, movies and content for all different kind of clients. What started with a travel dream ended up with two companies and four friends that keep the thing rolling:

Johannes Riffelmacher
Johannes RiffelmacherFounder
Johannes Riffelmacher a.k.a. „Jo“ is the other founding member of Salt & Silver. He used to be Art Director before the big journey turned him into a travel-surf-chef. Jo is responsible for the conceptual work and direction of Salt & Silver, and is also the writer who put all the countless adventures in words.
Thomas Kosikowski
Thomas KosikowskiFounder
Thomas Kosikowski a.k.a. „Cozy“ is one of the two founding members of Salt & Silver. Before becoming a professional travelling chef, he used to be cameraman and photographer. He also is responsible for the stunning photography and videowork of Salt & Silver. Cozy is a very pragmatic guy, who’s credo is: less blabla, more action.
Florian Kleinschmidt
Florian KleinschmidtEvent management / Accounting
Flo was a supporter of Salt & Silver from the beginning, before becoming a steady Member of the Salt & Silver crew. He is the man who organizes and prepares all the events we host. There is nothing this guy couldn’t organize somehow. Even if you would be looking for enriched Plutonium – Flo could probably somehow get it. So be assured, when planning an event with Salt & Silver: The organisation is in safe hands.


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