Salt & Silver


Well. Lets look back for a sec: It’s been almost three years since we decided to cut all ties to our old lifes and start over as travelduo Salt & Silver.
A lot has changed since then – we founded the Salt & Silver company with our two brothers in mind Janni and Flo, wrote two bestseller cookbooks, shot travel-documentaries, became Mezcal traders, had several TV appearances, yaddayaddayadda, this, that, and a 1000 things more. Every year of the last three felt like a whole eternity because of all the things that happend to us.

However, there is one thing that hasn’t changed, and probably won’t ever:

we‘re still traveling, surfing and cooking all the time and everywhere we go

Since we can’t make a book about every trip we make, but still don’t want your poor soul to miss the recipe of our latest ceviche creation or the secret hot surfspots we just discovered on an island not to far from here, we’d like to share our adventures with you on this blog.
Aight‚ nuff said – lets kick off!

We proudly present our new blog: „Surf, Travel, Cook“