Project Description


You beauty!

We never saw a country with that much variety in landscapes, food and people. You showed us the beauty of the north with awesome beaches, epic surf, legendary places like Cabo Blanco and Chicamas, delicious sea food and long nights with good friends. You took us to Iquitos, deep in the Amazonas area, far away from every road. We spent nights in your forests in small houses with local people, eating the Piranhas we caught in your rivers.

From the Belen market, which mostly floats on water, to the huge Amazonas river with pink dolphins and epic sunsets, you blew our mind. We stayed weeks in your vibrating capital, Lima, where we found friends for lifetime and recipes that changed the whole game.You invited us to the Meeting of Styles Peru, where we painted with 150 international artists and showed us the variety of peruvian Rap, Graffiti and Breakdance culture. We visited your historical and very high (3400m) city Cusco, which was full of old markets, delicious food and native people.

We climbed hard to reach Machu Picchu and finally you opened your cloudy sky to show us the most breathtaking mountain panorama we´ve ever seen. In the south, you finished us with Arequipa and his national park with epic desert sceneries and lifetime experiences when we slaughtered a lamb to prepare it in a hole full of hot stones. That would be enough, but we spent the last night on a wild, empty beach, preparing fish over the fire, having the last surf in your beautiful country.


We love you!



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