Project Description


Meat, meat and meat. Work hard, play hard!

Flying into the world’s second biggest city feels like landing on Darth Vader’s Deathstar. It took more than 20 minutes just to fly over the innumerable barrios of Mexico City without any sign of it to ever end. Even though it was only a quick stop to change our flights, we were happy when we left it again to reach our actual destination Guadalajara, an “only” 8 milion city further up north.

Guadalajara is a city with a vibrating urban art- and graffitiscene. It was quite easy to get in touch with the local writers, one stop at the local graffiti store Hook&Loop was all it took. One day later we were painting a wall with some of Mexicos finest writers from VRS CREW and EYOS Crew.
At some point at night, some corrupt police officers handcuffed us on the back of their pickup. Good for us, that they dropped us after an hour of driving around just in front of a really good taco place.

The tacos on the streets are some of the best food you can imagine. They are really addictive, we think it is because of the special flavor combination. A good taco touches all your tastebuds: the meat is salty, the salsas spicy, the coriander bitter, the lime sour and the rice water you drink to flush them down is sweet.

Tacos are awesome!

In all their endless different variations

The other great thing about tacos is that there are endless different variations. The more experimental ones we had were with tongue, eyeball, stomach, fried blood vessels and other body parts that we couldn’t figure out. There are also ones with fish, ceviche, shrimps, octopus, cactus, mushrooms and so on. Long story short: tacos are awesome! We will for sure show you how to do some on your own really soon. Apart from that, Guadalajara has to offer huge markets with hundreds of different chilis and spices as well as funny and weird Mexican wrestling where we watched a gay wrestler fight a homophobic super fat cannonball dude.

We also visited very poor favelas, where we were invited by an old man to enjoy the incredible view on the city from his rooftop. Of course he wouldn’t let us leave without giving us some of his homegrown mega spicy special chilis. After some weeks of urban adventures we felt like it was time to catch some waves at the beach. We picked the tiny surfers village San Pancho to be our next destination. When we arrived, we were pretty much the only non locals in the village. We became friends with the local surfers, some awesome people that showed us all the surf breaks, cooked typical mexican food with us, let us crash on their couches for weeks and helped us on our project where ever they could. After a couple of weeks we bought a chevy silverado and went on south. We have seen empty beaches in Michoacan, rough places like Acapulco (which is one of the most dangerous cities in the world as we found out) and massive barrels at Rio Nexpa.

Finally we arrived in Puerto Escondido which is – for the people who don’t know – one of the most famous surf breaks at the pacific coast with a beach break that really deserves the description „massive”. We started to work in a vegan hostel as chefs which was kind of a challenge for us, comparing to the stuff that we are cooking and eating usually – meat, meat and meat. Work hard, play hard – the people loved it and we got a lot of new receipes for the cooking book.



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