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Road-trip-feeling on the back of a 1975 Ford Pickup

Landing by airplane in Quito used to be pretty tough. With a height of 2800m a.s.l. this city is the highest capital city of the world. Before 2013, airplanes had to circle around the city to hit the small airport in the middle of this booming capital. Strong winds, a lot of fog and a short runway caused some accidents in the past, but since they build a new airport 2 years ago, Quito is known for having the safest and most modern airport all over latin america. So actually we didn’t have any problems.

It´s always hard to describe huge capitals like Quito in a few words – there are so many markets, restaurants, parks and things to see! Luckily we met some great guys from the ALM crew, one of the best Graffiti Crews from Ecuador. They showed us their city, invited us to their houses, showed a lot of hospitality and gave us the chance to paint some great walls together. This is how you make friends forever! And again, we explored a place through the eyes of locals – always the best!

After spending one awesome week in Quito it was time to catch some waves! Unfortunately, there was no swell. So we headed down the whole coast, from Atacames in the north to Manta in the south. Down in Puerto Lopez, which is famous for its delicious Ceviche we spotted some freshly caught sharks. Believe it or not – they eat all of it, not only the fins. Still a bad feeling seeing these rare and beautiful species outside the water.


There are no words that can describe these piece of earth in an appropriate way!

We travelled by hitchhiking and chicken busses which worked out pretty good! Imagine the road-trip-feeling you get: chilling with your board on the back of a 1975 Ford Pickup, surrounded by bunch of cows who cross the street, breathing the warm ocean winds from the dark green pacific – nuff said.

And finally: GALAPAGOS! There are no words that can describe these piece of earth in an appropriate way. Due to the protected waters and island since decades, this group of islands has a variety of nature wildlife that is just ridiculous. Huge whale sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, thousands of land and sea turtles, birds, huge lizards and of course – the seals. Exploring the water around the island while surfing and diving was one of the best things we´ve done on this trip through Latin America!


And we are so stoked to show you the Video of Ecuador and Galapagos!



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