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Costa Rica

It’s all about relaxing

People call it “the latin american Suiss”. If you see the prices for a piece of cheese, you get why. If you try that piece of cheese, you don’t get why. Apart from the prices, the country is stunning: There are huge active volcanos in the middle of the rainforrest, that make you feel like back in time when dinosaurs where walking the earth. Monkeys play around in the trees in your hostels garden.
The jungle reaches all the way to the beach, where clean, bathtub temperated waves invite you to surf.

You can walk through the forrests to find some 20 meter high waterfalls. Jump them. (And try to not die.) Relax in a random hammock on a random beach under random palm trees and have a coconut. Go fishing. Catch Langostinos. Read. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. It’s all about relaxing here. At Elenas Downtown Hostel in Montezuma we had the chance to experiment a lot for new innovative fishrecipes: Beetroot Ceviche, Coconut Curry, Grilled Snapper Filet on spicy Pumpkinsalsa. Just to name a few that will make it into the book for sure.

For everyone who is looking for a beautiful country with high travel comfort and safety for his next holiday: Costa Rica is your place to go.

Read. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

It’s all about relaxing in Costa Rica


Costa Rica

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