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6.435 km of coastline

Long long Chile…it´s almost impossible to imagine the length of this country. Entering Chile by bus took us some 15 hours from Arequipa in Peru to Arica in the far north of Chile. Green and blue ocean, rough winds, strong sun – Arica invited us for some nice cold water surf session. Passing by Iquique, a big harbor city with a lot of graffiti and some nice waves, we arrived in Santiago de Chile where we met one of Cozy´s homeboys from school.

Jean Paul. He is half chilenean and the biggest part of his family lives in the capital city – running a butchery. Nuff said. Again we met the right people who treated us like family. We stayed at the house of the Naudon family for about 2 weeks and learned everything about meat, markets in Santiago, history of Chile, meat, football in chile, the best way to have a BBQ, some new rude local words and meat. Epic days and nights, awesome hospitality and new friends for a lifetime.

Thanks for that Jean Paul & his family!

Cordero Patagonico

This BBQ technique was brought to chile ages ago

Afraid of almost being back in Europe in winter time, we tried to catch some last waves in Pichilemu, not far from the capital. We visited two guys, Claudio and Fabio, who wrote us before on Facebook and it went out to be one of the best Chill & Surf sessions we ever had! We stayed at their perfect small wooden houses, had some epic surf, long nights and perfect weather. If that would´t be enough, Claudio turned out to be a master chef and cooked some really delicious and next level dishes with us – amazing! We learned so much and Claudio impressed us with the best Ceviche we ever had – read more about that in our upcoming cookbook!

After a couple of nice days in Pichilemu, we had to go back to Santiago to reach our final goal of the trip: P A T A G O N I A !! Pam Pam. Coming there by plane is preeeetty tough and brought us some serious turbulences – this place is where the wind is coming from! So windy, so rough, so mind-blowing – Patagonia was cold but sunny and we spent some nice days in the national park, Torres del Paine. Just watch the photos – no words for that. All ended up with a traditional „Cordero Patagonico“, which is basically a lamb grilled on a cross in front of a fire. This kind of BBQ technique was brought to chile ages ago from german settlers who started to cultivate the part of the world, which is the southeast point on earth before the south pole.

We made it from Cuba to the far south of the american continent – no words to describe the feelings of the last day of the trip.



Thanks 2014

That was sick!