When we met Tereza in 2016, it was love at first sight. For her, music is what food is for us: a true passion to make a living of. Over a few drinks and a inspiring chat, we decided to combine our work by connecting the two topics, creating something new. Butter The Soul was born!

An evening at a beautiful off-location, where music and food becomes one, where the tunes she plays match the courses we serve, where people forget their sorrows and dive into a night of true happiness. Something we all can use at the end of the year…

Part of the idea is to have this massive table (well, actually three massive tables..) with 50 seats and the most beautiful decoration, ceramics and flowers one can imagine. (Thanks, Laura!) Imagine candles everywhere, warm light and a welcoming atmosphere that opens everyones heart as soon as they step through the door. Can you already feel it?

If not, its probably because you didn’t have one of the amazing Pisco Sours that our friends from Trivent made as a welcome drink. Speaking of drinks…a menu is only as good as its wine matching, which is why we asked our dear friend and sommeliére Stephanie Döring from Weinladen St. Pauli to take care of the fluid part of the menu: great wines that match every course. To start the evening with the right sound experience, we filled the huge room with 20 UE Boom speakerboxes, synchronized them and created the most surround sound one can imagine.

As you can see, every corner of our guests souls got buttered, music for the eyes, the ears, tastebuds and heart. Our idea for the culinary part of the night was to take people on a journey to one of the most interesting modern food destinations we have had the pleasure to explore: PERU!

A country so full of culture, where so many different foodstyles from all over the world blend together and influences from ancient Inka culture are still a big part on the menu that its hard to find something comparable. On our journey through Peru (check here) we explored the Amazon rainforest, the deserts around Arequipa, the highlands of the Andes around Cusco, of course all of the coastline and as the culinary highlight Lima. We found dishes so interesting and refreshing, that we find it our duty to show them to others. So we came up with our menu for the night:

I: Ceviche De Corvina

Peru’s most famous classic: Ceviche. What usually is known as a simple dish that consists of very few ingredients, there are infinite variations to shift between sour-salty-fruity-spicy-bitter and sweet notes.

The most important cause is the balance between the flavors, especially between the acid of the lime and salt. This „marinade“ is known as „leche de tigre“, which translates to „tigermilk“ and builds the soul of the dish. If your leche sucks, your ceviche sucks! When the soul of Ceviche is the leche de tigre, the body is the fish. It has to be as fresh as you can imagine, since Ceviche is considered a dish invented by fishermen who used to eat it on their boats during their fishing trips. We used „Corvina“, a fish with firm white texture that is traditionally used in Peru. For this special night, we ordered three entire Corvinas – as beautiful and fresh as possible. Other ingredients we used were cilantro, avocado, red onion, lime, sweet potato, ají limo which is a special Peruvian pepper with citrus notes and passion fruit. We even dehydrated the fish skin and deep-fried it into fishskin crackers. Turned out just as we imagined!

II: Sopa De Papas A La Huancaina

A purple potato soup with a cheese cream and chili-oil, on base of a chicken fond we had let simmering for a few days and a fishfond made from the bones. 

Did you know there are more than 3600 diffrent kinds of potatos in Peru? The purple one happens to also be grown in northern Germany, so we even had a chance to buy local products that are also common in Peru. As a little feature on top, we made some Ají Panca powder, made from a earthy chili pepper that also is typical Peruvian.

III: Corazónes & Pulpo Al Olivo

For us, it is important to show people in Germany some culinary traditions from far away that they might not be used to – like this one: In Peru its perfectly normal to eat „Corazón“, the heart of an animal.

Corazon is a typical streetfood that you find all over Peru, we actually found our best corazon in Iquitos, a city in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. It has a beautiful texture, pure umami flavours and can be one of the most delicious meats to try. We used beef-heart, and palm hearts as a little side. To give the whole thing a bit of a „surf’n’turf“ style, we combined it with octopus and olive-mayonnaise, another classic from Peru. Added some selfmade spicy Rocoto ketchup and a earthy black been puree. How could you say no to this?

IV: Costilla Al Saúco

Oh yeah, definitly the highlight of the whole menu. Beef ribs, slowcooked, juicy, tender…glazed with a soy-sauce-cola sirup represantative for the chifa influenced flavors…naa sorry, wee can’t write about this without tearing up a little.

But we did create a sweet sour elder / plum sauce to accompany the meat, and we did shove some buttered beetroots into the oven for ours to have a earthy soft side. 

Special to this course: we had put a knife into the meat and served the ribs as a whole in a roasting tray, so people could cut their own portions and experience this juicy miracle from the oven.

V: Helado de los Incas

The final chapter of our menu was selfmade avocado icecream, deep-fried Quinoa balls with a melted choclate core, fresh mango, spicy chili air and passion-fruit puree. A grand ending to the whole food part of the night.

And what about the music?

During all the courses, Tereza found the perfect mix of tunes to match the style and soul of the food, powerful tunes go with powerful flavors and soft soulmusic plays along while the sweet-spicy choclate-core of the desert surprises your tastebuds. Come on, what more do you want? But wait – did everyone go home after this already? Hell no!

As a secret highlight of the night, after all these delicious calories and wines, it was time for some magic. Magic in form of Jordan MacKampa, a soulsinger from London that Tereza found on her everlasting research for new talents and musicians that guarantee goosebumps. And damn, this one was a full-strike!

As soon as the first tones from his guitar filled the room, an atmosphere of pure peacefulness and quietness spread out through the room. And then, when Jordan began to sing – everyone understood why this night was called „BUTTER THE SOUL“. With a voice so dreamy and soft as the name of this event, Jordan performed soul music of its finest. Powerful and emotional songs were mixed with ballads and songs to sing along with, everyone in the room seemed to be in another universe. Beautiful! Thanks so much, Jordan.

The show must go on!

After this concert, it was time to get everyone back to reality, just to make sure nobody had been melting away like a block of butter in the sun. So we opened the doors to our location and let everyone in for the public aftershowparty. Tereza and Beats9000 on the turntables, special guest Trettmann with a live performance, the guys from Trivent shaking their arms numb behind the bar – the full Package. So if you feel as if it might be time for a trip to Peru – we definitely agree on that.

In fact, our partners from YOLO Reisen offer sustainable travel packages that support the locals and the culture of Peru, if you want to go – check them out! Which leads us to the last topic: we want to thank our supporters on this project.

Peru for trusting in our knowledge about your country and in letting us represent your culture.

YOLO Reisen for offering a sustainable and authentic option to visit the country we love so much.

UE Boom for supporting us with the right soundquality.

Fame creative lab for bringing us together with Peru and believing in our social media knowledge.